Anil Awachat (अनिल अवचट)

July 16, 2007

सुनंदाला आठवतांना…

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Tejashree Walke has converted Anil Awachat’s article “सुनंदाला आठवतांना” in PDF format and I am uploading it here on the blog. This is a very, very touching article and if you haven’t yet read it – it’s here. Click on the link below to read this article in PDF format.

सुनंदाला आठवतांना

For those who couldn’t read the PDF file added here. Tejashree sent the same article in various parts each over 3 MB, and since there is a limit on blog uploads, I can’t put those parts here. If someone can put all those parts on his/her website, I will happily add a link to those parts here.

You can read the book here now, since Muktangan link is not working anymore –

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