Anil Awachat (अनिल अवचट)

December 8, 2006

Feedback, comments welcome….

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Now that blog is up & running, please do add your feedback/comments on contents (especially correctness of information in About section), layout and sidebar of the blog. I believe the sidebar contains all the required links, categories, photo-album links etc. for easy reference and navigation. I would like to try few more themes to find out which is most suitable for this blog – so pour in with all the suggestions/feedback here. I’ll make those changes as time permits.


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It’s geat to finally start a blog & photo-album for one of my favorite authors – Anil Awachat. It would be inappropriate to just label him as an author; for he has much more diverse range of interests and has been actively involved in several social causes & various other activities. Read more about him in About section of this blog.

Oh yes; a big Thank you to Tejas Lele for all the photos you see today!!!

The blog will keep accumulating as days goes by and hope to make it the largest source of information on Anil Awachat. I hope Ajit, Tejas and others will contribute in writing more information, views about him soon. I have completed some initial ground-work for this blog & photo-album and have got it published online! Now that it’s up & running, I hope this one gets rolling!!!! 🙂

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